Mutox was very excited when Laura Van den Bruel, Eurovision song contestant for Belgium in 2012, took the mic in her hand to trade pop for rock ‘n roll and joined Mutox.

The band was founded in 2011, but totally changed in 2016. Producer Jeff Mast stripped their songs one-by-one and added a flavour of simplicity to them. “On the first demo’s we recorded, the raw sound of the guitars and the voice of Laura blended so beautiful together and I knew that this was the way Mutox had to go forward”, says Jeff.

The different bass sounds created by Emmanuel Vankerkhoven through the addition of one extra amp, together with the sound effects and the drums from Tina Hargot, is the real drive that defines the band’s live sound. “Now my guitar can easily stand out and breathe without too many effects to fill everything up”, says Seppe Van Mellaerts.

In the first weeks of the release of their first single In My Bones (September 2016), they quickly reached almost 20.000 views on YouTube and landed on 7th place in the iTunes Rock chart. “The goal is to record an EP before the summer of 2017 and to take on every chance we get to play live.”